About Neurorexia

Heya and welcome to Neurorexia. This blog’s raison d’etre is to feed my primary obsession with the brain. While I love my thesis project (protein degradation in neurodegenerative diseases), it’s easy to develop severe tunnel vision in research and forget all of the other fascinating brainy things out there. Neurorexia whets my appetite for everything neuro: cognitive, behavioural, circuitry and molecular. I hope to share my interpretation of cutting-edge peer-reviewed journal articles with you. I will be wrong sometimes – call me out on it! My goal is to get you EXCITED about the brain, and about health sciences in general. My secondary obsession is the interplay between diet and brain/body function, so you’ll most likely be seeing a lot of that here as well.

I hope anyone regardless of their scientific background can read this blog and get something out of it. If/when I get too technical, let me know! If you have a specific topic or paper you’d like me to look at, leave me a comment and I’ll investigate.

Thank you for visiting Neurorexia, and I hope you enjoy your trip through the mind-blowing world of neuroscience!

About me

I’m a neurotic senior graduate student at the University of British Columbia, with a BSc in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science and working towards a PhD in Neuroscience (candidate status achieved!). When I’m not in the lab, I’m taking courses on Coursera, catching up on tech (I WANT GOOGLE GLASS!) or enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Vancouver, Canada.

Where else can you find me?

Scientific American MIND blogs

I occasionally guest blog for Scientific American MIND. If you haven’t checked out their blog network yet, GO! NOW! SciAm blogs boast an admirable array of well-written posts on all things science.

Science of Eating Disorders

I also blog sporadically at ScienceofEDs (SEDs). SEDs is the brainchild of the amazing Tetyana Pekar, and is a premier source for eating disorders-related research on the internet, covering everything from genetics, neuroscience to treatment and prevention of eating disorders.

My posts mostly cover CH/SP, a “neglected” symptom that positively correlate with ED severity. My goal is to bring this stigmatized symptom to light and candidly talk about its manifestation and impact on the body. I’m happy to see that my introductory post on CH/SP was the most read article on the site in 2013, and hope increasing awareness of the symptom will drive more research.


Available for freelancing and collaborations


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Neurorexia,
    Love the blog, massive fan.
    I was quite interested by the fact you said you are taking courses on Coursera (I can’t seem to get myself off that site!) – do you mind me asking which ones you have taken?

    It may even be interesting to hear you blog about the courses/write reviews..

    • Thanks Joe, appreciate it! That’s a good idea, I’ve never thought about blogging about course reviews on Cousera.
      The ones I take are usually somewhat neuroscience-related but not what I study for my thesis. I’ll give you a full list and some comments once I get my laptop back 🙂
      Share yours too! I’m also interested in new courses.

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